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Warranty Policy

 Our warranty covers manufacturer defective parts only, which includes 12 Months on the Engine and 3 months on other parts to include the muffler/manifold, shocks, wire harness/ECU, clutch, and battery (when purchased with new unit) from the date you receive your vehicle. Any defective parts are claimed within 7 days upon your receiving. We will cover shipping the replacement parts to you. After 7 days, you are responsible for the basic $14.00 shipping and handling fee, or actual shipping charge from shipper. The warranty goes with the product. Subsequent owners should present proof of ownership to update the records. FREE GIFT has NO WARRANTY! NO EXCHANGE!

    On all warranty claims, the buyer is responsible for providing the original ticket number. Buyers are required to send back defective parts or vehicle at their own expense for warranty services or parts replacement. After we received the items, if our inspection confirms that the item has failed and that none of the conditions and limitations apply, then we will promptly ship you a replacement item. If we determine that the item is still in good unusable condition or that the warranty was voided because one of the conditions and limitations applies, then buyer will have option to have the items returned at their expense, or scrapped.

    Refunds will be given barring an inspection of the item. All correctly shipped returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee and less the seller’s incurred shipping costs. Please understand, even though a listing may have offered free shipping, we are still charged by the courier. As such, refunds will be issued, less our incurred shipping costs. All the refunds will be store credit.

    We shall not be responsible for and this limited warranty excludes recovery of economic, punitive, consequential and incidental damages, lost profits, and loss of use. Some states or provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you. Our aggregate liability may not exceed the price of the product. The law of the State of Texas shall apply to all claims or disputes, exclusive of its conflicts of law provisions.


    To the fullest extent permitted by law, this Limited Warranty excludes and disclaims all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

    To protect yourself and your ATV, follow all safety and service tips. NITRO will NOT warrant repairs required as a result of unsafe operation, not performing standard vehicle maintenance, storage procedures, and service as outlined in the Operator’s Manual.

Limitation of Warranty:

The following parts and conditions are excluded by the warranty:

  • Engine oil/Lubricants/Fluids
  • Tires
  • Spark Plugs and Spark Plugs Wiring
  • Throttle Grips
  • Labor costs to repair/replace parts, shipping cost for return of defective parts or shipment of replacement parts.
  • Normal maintenance operations such as engine tune-up, de-carbonizing, carburetor cleaning, wheels, brakes and clutch adjustments, as well as any other normal adjustments.
  • Normal service wear and tear items (i.e.)

                    o Brake shoes, pads, calibers, rotors

                    o Body Parts (Fenders, Covers, Housings, Swing Arm, Etc.)

                    o Shims/fasteners

                    o Drive chain, belts, cables, hoses

                    o Sprockets

                    o Clutch plates and other clutch wear parts

                    o Race bearing kit

                    o Gaskets

                    o Wheel rims

                    o Element air cleaner

                    o Oil filter, fuel filter and electrical items like bulbs, fuses, and remote start/alarm systems

                    o Seats & Upholstery

  • Problems from lack of professional assembly, lack of scheduled maintenance, or consumer abuse
  • Parts of the vehicle have been subjected to misuse, accident, or neglect
  • Any and all modifications to the vehicle will void the warranty. Premature wear of Engine parts such as cylinder, piston, valves and bearings due to adulteration or petrol/fuel.
  • Parts of the vehicle getting rusted or their plating or painting coming off due to atmospheric condition like sea breeze and industrial pollutions.
  • Vehicle used for any competition, rallies, races and any commercial purposes like renting, hiring;
  • Consumables like engine oil, TFF oil, grease, used for the warranty repair are not covered under the application of the warranty.