Fully Assembled & Test Start Service

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Assembling & Test Start Service include:

1. Visual Inspection, which includes:

2. Plastic Body, Frame, Tires, Engine, Lights, and Control

3. Check Engine Oil Level/Condition

4. Use Auxillary Battery and Fuel tank to start engine, check lights, turn signals, horn & etc.

5. Check brake and clutch operation

6. Fully charge battery

Assembling & Test Start Service do not include:

For safety protection, we can not ship the bike with battery and fuel in due to shipping regulations. Customers need to:

1. Connect wires to battery;

2. Add fuel to the tank;

3. Attach mirrors and/or trunk to the bike; (Only Scooters Apply)


    Assembling & Test Start Service steps as following:

    1. Uncrated the box

    (Most of units are placed secured inside a metal crate)

    2. Secured the bike to the pallet

    Using Straps from all sides to secure the unit onto the pallet


    3. Wrapping

    Plastic wrap to add more protection for body


    4. Shipping

    Final Step:

    Use black durable to rewrap the bike into the pallet. Ready for freight company's pickup